1. I’m a member or potential member, how can I best utilize SearchOrgPsych?

    Consider SearchOrgPsych as your “one stop shop” to provide succinct but comprehensive information specifically about you as a consultant, organizational psychologist, or executive coach. We like to think of SearchOrgPsych as your digital and web-based business card. Members can provide colleagues, companies of interest, or recruiters their uniquely professional profile, with no risk of it getting lost in the depths of a wallet. Members are encouraged to create their profile to not only “market” themselves to potential companies seeking contract hire, but to colleagues that are committed to creating community within the business/entrepreneurial realm of things.
  1. What is SearchOrgPsych and who can use it?

    SearchOrgPsych is a niche-specific directory that connects vetted and values-aligned Company Builders (organizational psychologists, consultants, executive coaches) with Companies that need improvement. SearchOrgPsych prides itself on its professional yet “boldly fun” design, user-friendly platform, and dedicated focus on Company Builders to make networking, showcasing one’s skill sets, and getting hired more effective and accessible. Companies who are seeking support (i.e, improved work culture, decreased attrition, greater management), and Company Builders that can provide the support are both encouraged to use SearchOrgPsych.
  1. I’m looking for a SearchOrgPsych member. How do I find the right person?

    Simply select the specialty you need, type of service, and location of services. SearchOrgPsych will seamlessly populate a list of members that match your selections. Review their profile to assess whether they’re the support you’re looking for.
  1. What information can I find about organizational psychologists on SearchOrgPsych?

    You can find our member’s qualifications, years of experience, education, resume (if uploaded), and specific fields of interest. You also have the option to see any relevant articles, podcasts, or other collateral they have created and contributed.
  1. How can I contact an organizational psychologist through SearchOrgPsych?

    We make it easy here. Members list their preferred email address directly on their profile. Clicking their email will automatically bring you to your email platform, or you can simply copy/paste their email and save the member as a contact. We intentionally chose to omit an internal messaging system on the SearchOrgPsych website itself. Many of our users are likely on additional networking platforms; it’s also likely that connections often get lost in a pool of site-internal messaging systems when there are just too many to manage. We’re safely assuming our members are consistently checking their email without having to check yet another messaging site.
  1. How can Company Builders (e.g., organizational psychologists, psychotherapists, consultants, and coaches) get listed on SearchOrgPsych?

    Apply here! Each member that applies is carefully reviewed and considered. SearchOrgPsych will not approve of individuals that have provided inaccurate application details. Once approved, which could take up to 48 hours, you’ll receive a welcome email and unique link to create your profile. This will come directly from SearchOrgPsych’s founders. We’re invested in getting to know you and support you!
  1. Do you offer discounted memberships?

    We offer discounts for both students and programs. If this is you or you’d like to inquire about other discounts, email us at hello@searchorgpsych.com