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The Trusted Source for Organizational Psychologists

We connect vetted and values-aligned Company Builders  (organizational psychologists, consultants and coaches) with Companies that want to reach their greatest potential.


We all have a good idea of what psychotherapy looks like:

client and therapist work together to support the client in feeling better and progressing towards their goals. The client identifies the issue, and the psychotherapist gets an individualized treatment plan in place to create positive change. 

Businesses also have their own set of concerns

and seek out the support from a diverse set of professionals. An organizational psychologist, consultant, coach, or executive psychotherapist can “diagnose” the business based on what isn’t working, and devise an indivualized “treatment plan” for improvement.

SearchOrgPsych members partner directly with companies

to achieve lasting improvements. This could look like optimizing hiring practices, increasing employee engagement, or streamlining communication workflows. Ultimately, the goal is to create and sustain better businesses.

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"SearchOrgPsych is user friendly. It gets you what you need, which makes life so much easier."
Midm Yi
Instructional Coach
"Job searching has been a tiring experience for me, but SearchOrgPsych gives me a straightforward and simple way to network with I/O professionals, specifically, all in one place."
Jacob Powers
Chicago Public Schools
"SearchOrgPsych is an intuitive platform. It is easy to navigate and find the information that you need. Amazing user interface (UI)."
Creonn Harper
Sam + Daniel Wedding
"SearchOrgPsych is a great idea, I'm glad someone finally had it! Just what is needed for leaders needing to find the right partner for any kind of organizational or leadership development."
Mitch Kochanski
Awareness at Work
"SearchOrgPsych is the best place to find a quality network of organizational psychologists and consultants. Whether it's to expand my network or refer a client, SearchOrgPsych is the platform to count on!"
Jason Dumitru
Upward Counseling & Consulting
"The founders or SearchOrgPsych are fully committed to advance means to collaborate within the industry. This system will provide users vital connectivity to help achieve this objective."
Robert J. Ness
RJ Ness and Associates, Inc.
"SearchOrgPsych is exactly what I've been looking for - a seamless platform showcasing organization psychologists and business coaches without hours on end of research across other sites."
Rajan Chopra

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