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We connect skilled People to Businesses seeking growth

Finding the right professional fit is hard

The internet is saturated with networking platforms and directories: this undoubtedly benefits many, yet the abundance can also be our own detriment. SearchOrgPsych is a dedicated space for all business developers, “fixers,” creators, and companies to connect, while cutting out the noise of other [important but irrelevant] professionals.

SearchOrgPsych is the answer

We are the central hub for professionals who are obsessed with developing, improving, and creating large scale impact. The way we network has evolved over time: we’re here to keep up while allowing our members to make connections more efficiently, and organizations to get support more seamlessly.

SearchOrgPsych is the place where Companies and Company Builders meet

This directory is your gateway to a network of individuals who share your drive to innovate and improve how businesses are managed and operated. SearchOrgPsych is where collaboration fuels the future of businesses. Want to be a part of our mission?

We started SearchOrgPsych based on a clear need for a better way to connect companies with company builders. With backgrounds in psychotherapy + organizational psychology, we realized that while these fields are naturally segregated based on population of focus, they simultaneously have a high level of overlap in the overall mission to create change and improvement.

We noticed that both fields also provide their own set of directories, and both with some clear limitations. Therapist directories exist, but are limited in transparency due to HIPAA compliance. For organizational psychologists, consultants, and coaches, there were either the small directories that were overwhelmed with additional services (distracting from its members), or massive directories where it’s hard to stand out. We believe it shouldn’t be so hard to find a consultant to help improve workplace culture, or an organizational psychologist to restructure your hiring process. 

We knew “there had to be a better way!” 

We began our journey by speaking with our trusted network, and realized that there is a need for a well-designed directory for company builders and companies to connect with a sense of foundational trust. This is the product we were personally looking for, and knew that others would benefit well. 

Professionally, we help people and organizations to develop and thrive. SearchOrgPsych aligns with what we love: gathering like minded people who share our same mission. We want to showcase our members and connect them with companies seeking effective and sustained growth. After all, if there are better built and run businesses, we all benefit.

We believe in:

Collaboration + Teamwork

Every voice is valued, leading to the creation of impactful outcomes between individuals and organizations.

Community + Belonging

There is a strong emphasis on community and the sense of belonging it brings. SearchOrgPsch thrives on fostering connections.


We prioritize an intuitive, beautiful design, and reliable functionality to create a truly exceptional online interaction for our users.


Every action we take is intentional and streamlined to ensure we’re giving users the most effective networking platform in the organizational psych world.

Our Team


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